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Dark Circle Cream for Men: Busting Myths

Dude! We know you’re juggling a lot between your work and personal life and that’s taking a toll on you. The late nights and constant stress might have given you those ugly-looking panda eyes. Don’t worry man, we’re here for you. We have one solution for you, although you might not like it at the first glance. So, bear with us for a few minutes.

How about using dark circle cream for men? We know you just rolled your eyes but there’s some weight (and a lot of science) in that argument. If you thought they’re the same as moisturizer, then you’re wrong. No doubt, moisturizer is best for keeping your skin hydrated; they can only do so much for your sensitive under-eye area.

Here, we reveal everything you need to know about eye-care cream, and we start with busting some myths that might have clouded your judgement. Let’s get busting!

Under Eye Cream For Men: Common Myths 

Investing in a good dark circle cream for men can be an excellent idea; there’s nothing unmanly about using an eye cream. To give you a better insight, we have tried busting some commonly heard myths about under-eye cream for men. So let’s bust some myths! 

Moisturizer Can Do the Same Work as an Eye cream

One of the most common myths about eye light cream is that a moisturizer can replace eye cream. But the truth is that the skin around the eyes is different from the rest of our face. The area under our eyes does not have oil glands. Absence of oil glands means the skin tends to get dry more often and starts showing the signs of aging much faster as compared to the rest of our face.

So,if you want to target crow’s feet, fine lines and wrinkles, you might need special anti-aging ingredients to make things happen for your eyes.

Hence, including eye-care cream in your grooming kit can be the best thing you can do.

  • The Eye Creams are Not for Men

Most men believe that eye glow creams are not for them. In contrast, the reality is though male skin is thicker than female, both their skin is thinnest around their eyes. Being thin, the skin around the eyes can expose signs of stress, tiredness and hangover. Using eye cream around your eyes can help minimize the appearance of dark circles, making you look tired and sore.

  • Any Eye Cream Will Do

Some men think the eye light cream used by their partner, sister, or mother can also work for their skin. But, unfortunately, this is not true at all. Just as you are very cautious while choosing the facial moisturizer, choosing the eye cream of the same skincare brand as your skin is familiar with would be ideal. Using any dark circle cream for men or going with the new anti-aging style craze of the week is not advisable.

  • The More Quantity You Use - The Better the Results

Guys, we understand that you haven’t used eye cream for a long time, and this sudden realization hit you hard. Calm down! Because using it in more amounts will not solve your problem in just one day or won’t give the solution to all your under-eye issues just by one use. 

Always remember “excess of anything is harmful” and the same is true when it comes to under eye cream. Applying too much eye light cream can also be too much for your sensitive eye area to absorb. This can create imbalance in your skin and not just that! It would also hurt your wallet as your tube would start emptying speedily.

Why Do Dark Circles Happen?

Today, everyone is gaga over the following seven skincare routine steps. But let us tell you that everyone will show signs of aging sooner or later. And one of the signs is dark circles. As we age, the thin area under our eyes starts losing collagen and thinning of under-eye tissues becomes more evident as you age; as a result, dark circles become more evident in older adults. But wait! Aging isn’t the only culprit. There are other reasons too that can cause dark circles under your eyes. Here are a few of them.

  • It’s in Your Genes

Being predisposed to dark circles can also be inherited from family members. But, to get it in simple terms, the darkness that sticks around no matter any skincare and lifestyle is most likely the result of genetics.

  • You’re Sleep Deprived

This is a common factor and can happen to anyone who doesn’t pay attention to their sleeping schedule. Netflix marathons and binge-watching your favorite web series result in a lack of sleep.

And if you are a workaholic who doesn’t pay attention to his/her sleep patterns, then dark circles can become your best buddy and never leave your side.

  • You’re Dehydrated

By getting terrified seeing your dark circles and jumping towards the cosmetic treatments, we recommend you take a deep breath and evaluate yourself. “Have You drunk enough water?” If your answer is “No,” you know what to do.

But, if your answer is “Yes,” you should probably pay attention to the other beverages you consume. The beverages containing caffeine may lead you to dehydration and your body might need more water to recover from it.

In addition to this let’s take a look at other factors too that are the culprits for causing dark circles. Let’s take a look.

  • Allergies 
  • Hyper-pigmentation.
  • Deficiency of iron in the body
  • Rubbing your eyes very frequently
  • Overexposure to the sun and negligence in wearing the proper sunglasses.
  • Dermatitis.
  • Thyroid
  • Smoking

Alright that quite explains the reason for dark circles. Now, focusing on the solution let’s move towards the benefits of applying under eye cream on a regular basis.

What are the Benefits of using an Under Eye Cream for Men?

Using the under-eye gel cream on a regular basis can prevent the cause of dark circles. This is because eye creams are specifically designed for the thin skin around your eyes. Therefore, it would consist of more cream and conditioning ingredients than face lotions. Now navigate through some of the benefits of using Under eye creams.

  • Prevents Common Signs of Aging

Using an under eye cream for men that best suits your skin can keep the common signs of aging like wrinkles, fine lines, sagging and crow’s feet at bay.

  • Minimizes the Puffiness Around the Eyes

Puffiness around the eyes results from fluid buildup, which can be caused by sleep deprivation, straining of your eyes, allergies and aging. Regular use of eye light creams can help solve these visible signs of fatigue.

  • Prevents the Appearance of Dark Circles

Eye cream consists of ingredients best suited for the thin areas under the eyes. So, you can use this cream to remove dark circles completely and give you a brightening boost.

  • Hydrates your Under Eye Area

The skin around your eyes is drier as compared to the entire face. Under-eye cream provides specialized hydration with the right concentration of ingredients.

  • Acts as a Barrier to Environmental Stressors

Our skin is exposed to various pollutants and frequent environmental changes. Eye light cream releases moisture to the dry area along with nourishing ingredients and helps to maintain the skin’s protective barrier.


It is said that the eyes are the most expressive parts. So, if you want them to continue being expressive, you must take action. We want the best for you, so we recommend you do your under eyes a favor and get an eye care cream that soothes the skin.

Confused? Which eye cream to buy? Don’t worry; we got your back.

Timri’s eye-light cream can be your best pick as it consists of all the anti-aging ingredients like rosemary, coconut oil and orange peel extract. It’s a perfect addition to your anti-aging arsenal. Apply this cream under your eyes daily to get that perfect radiant look.

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