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What are the Benefits of Beetroot for your Skin and Lips?

In the beauty industry, some of the natural ingredients, despite having great benefits for the skin, are overlooked. 

From our grandmothers to mothers, natural ingredients have played a vital role in taking care of the skin. The best example of it is beetroot. This Vitamin C-rich veggie does have some superpowers, which, when included in your skincare routine, can give amazing results. 

Wish to know how beetroot can give you the skin and lips of your dreams? Keep reading! 

What are the Benefits of Beetroot For Skin?

Let’s go through some amazing benefits of this go-to vegetable which is always available in our refrigerators in winter.

 Fights Acne

Beetroot has some anti-inflammatory properties, which can be a boon for acne-prone and oily skin. The antioxidants present in beetroot also help to fight ‘Stubborn acne.’

 Reduces Hyper-pigmentation:

Skin gets its color from the substance called melanin. When too much melanin is produced, it can clump and make that area appear darker. This Vitamin-C-rich ingredient can reduce the formation of melanin and thus reduce hyperpigmentation.

 Fights Signs of Ageing:

The majority of us have a dream of having age-defying beautiful faces. Beetroot can help you get closer to your dream! Beetroot helps maintain the skin’s elasticity and fight those fine lines and wrinkles on your face. It also reduces premature aging and its effects on your skin.

 Skin Hydrating Agent

Rich in iron and anti-inflammatory properties, beetroot soothes your skin and hydrates it greatly, thus providing nourishment to your skin.

 Gives smooth skin:

Increasing pollution has taken a toll on our skin, thus making our skin dull and lifeless. Packed with more phosphorus, iron and Vitamin C, beetroot helps rejuvenate your skin, thus reducing dullness.

 Reduces Puffy eyes and dark-circles:

That urge to complete the entire web series in one night can give you the inevitable frog-like eyes. But worry not! Beetroot has your back. As an excellent source of antioxidants, it treats damaged cells surrounding your eyes. So you can say a permanent goodbye to dark circles and puffy eyes.


What are the Benefits of Beetroot for Lips?

Beetroot is a one-stop solution for soft, pink and plump lips. Its dyeing property has made it one of the most commonly used products in the cosmetic industry. Beetroot on lips helps you to get rid of darker lips and makes them lighter and brighter. Let’s see what some of the benefits of beetroot for lips are.

 Brighten Lips:

Beetroot is proven to give amazing benefits for dry and chapped lips. Applying beetroot lip balm on your lips nourishes them and also gives them a natural pink tint.

 Hydrates the Lips:

Lack of hydration can make the lips dry. Hydrating properties of beetroot penetrate deep into the skin and moisturize the lips. For best results, you can always use organic beetroot lip balm.

 Light Pigmentation:

Pigmented lips are never good to look in the mirror and also affect your confidence. A natural bleaching agent, Vitamin-C, present in beetroot, helps in reducing pigmentation, thus giving you the pinky lips you desire.

 Acts as Exfoliator :

The build-up of dead cells on your skin can be an unpleasant experience and make your lips appear dull. Beetroot is a natural exfoliator that removes dead cells so that your favorite lipsticks can glide on your lips super easily.

 Uses of Beetroot Products on Your Skin

As discussed above, beetroot has numerous benefits for the skin and lips. Now let’s shed some light on how beetroot-based products can give amazing results.

 Beetroot Face Wash:

With increasing pollution as you move out of the house, the impurities in the environment stick to your face and thus damage the natural luster of your skin. Using beetroot-based face wash twice a day can flush out the impurities from your face, thus making your skin look fresh and glowing.

 The beetroot’s antioxidant properties also help unclog the pores, making your skin look more youthful.

 Beetroot Lip Balm:

Using beetroot lip balm would nourish your lips, making them softer and plumper. Including organic beetroot lip balm in your everyday routine would prevent dryness and peeling of lips. Prefer using natural beetroot lip balm as it would be free from harmful chemicals and toxins, thus giving your lips a natural rosy glow.

 Beetroot Body Scrub:

Beetroot is considered a natural exfoliating agent. Using a beetroot body scrub regularly will shed away the dead cells from your skin and maintain its natural luster. It revitalizes your dull skin and enhances the skin tone.

 Wrapping Up:

In today’s scenario, when everyone is glued to their screens for most of the time and exposed to high temperatures and pollutants outside, maintaining healthy skin is the major issue. Using beetroot-induced products may give you the skin you have always desired for. Under this blog we have covered all the wonderful benefits of beetroot for your skin and lips.


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