Perfect time to start using under eye cream

When should I start using under eye cream? What is the perfect age to start using under eye cream?

The Correct Age to Use an Under Eye Cream

Whether you wear a crisp tailored suit with a tie or a stunning saree your skin plays a great role in your overall personality. Imagine yourself going college or office with those giant dark circles that make you look tired. Seems awful, right? There’s only so much you can do to avoid stress and sleepless nights. After a long day, follow the skincare routine religiously seems like a big task.

Remember what our teachers taught us in school? Start with the basics and maintain consistency. In case of dark circles, it involves using under eye cream, moisturizers and sun protection on a daily basis. 

We can imagine the question that has risen in your mind. Moisturizer and sunblock are fine, but why use a separate cream for your under-eye area? To understand this clearly, let us share with you some of the facts related to the under-eye area.

Why Is Using Under Eye Cream Important? Revealing Some Interesting Facts

  • The skin under your eyes is thinner than the rest of the face. This delicate skin dries quickly and is more vulnerable to extrinsic environmental factors and adverse weather conditions.
  • The area under your eyes lacks oil glands. Hence, it needs to be moisturized regularly to give it proper hydration. Regular hydration is key to maintaining healthy and youthful under-eye skin. In addition, under eye cream containing hydrating ingredients helps boost collagen production in the skin.
  • The skin around the eyes is being used frequently whenever you blink, smile and squint. Due to this, we tend to develop crow’s feet. According to research, including an anti-aging under eye cream in your skincare routine can help prevent them from worsening.
  • Aging reduces the elasticity of the skin due to loss of protein collagen and elastin. This can be the main reason for dark circles, wrinkles, sunken eyes, and droopy eyelids. Using an under eye cream on a daily basis helps reduce these visible signs of aging.
  • Using the conventional face cream around your extra-sensitive eye cream can do more harm than good. The chemicals in facial creams and moisturizers have been discovered to be particularly irritating to the skin around your eyes. The use of under eye creams nourishes the sensitive and fragile skin near the eye area.
  • Frequently rubbing your eyes can damage the blood vessels resulting in hyperpigmentation. Under eye cream even out the skin tone and reduces the appearance of hyperpigmentation.

We understand you are getting more and more curious to know the right age from which you can start using an under eye cream. Without wasting more time let’s jump into the topic.

What is the Best Age to Start Using an Under Eye Cream?

Good eye makeup adds charm to your face -whether at a party, date, or family function. But, when you buy skincare products, you often miss the eyecare section. And here, ladies, you are making the biggest skincare mistake. Many of you believe that you are too young to include an eye cream in your skincare routine. This is a widespread myth.

Everyone becomes the victim of these ugly-looking dark circles from time to time. But does it mean that you should start using an eye cream on a daily basis? ‘YES’ is the answer.

Now, you might be convinced that using an under eye cream for the delicate area around your eyes, but might be confused as to what is the correct age to start its usage? Well, let us shed some light on it.

It is preferable to begin using eye cream sooner rather than later. “Start setting your base in your mid-twenties so that it seamlessly becomes a habit in your 30s.” This saying couldn’t be more true when it comes to under eye cream.

Under eye cream is the unsung hero of your skincare routine. Apply a pea-sized amount religiously for 10-15 days and you will notice the magic it does to your skin.

Is it Safe to Use an Under Eye Cream in Your 20s?

It is completely safe to start using an eye cream in your 20s as the area around your eyes is delicate, and when aging starts, your eye area would be the first to show the signs. It’s important to note that everyone needs an eye cream. Forming a habit of using an under eye cream at an early age will be beneficial for you in the long run.

Now, the question arises how you should pick up an eye cream that is best suitable for your skin? Don’t worry we got you covered. Just read further to get your answer.

How to Choose an Under Eye Cream?

For any product, ingredients are the key. An ideal eye cream should mainly contain lightening and hydrating agents such as cucumber and orange peel extracts. If you are in your twenties, the eye creams you choose should be milder, plus you can use a good sunblock and a moisturizer for maximum benefits.

While if you are in your 30s or 40s, you might start noticing aging signs such as wrinkles, fine lines, dark circles and crow’s feet. So, using an under eye cream at this age proves to be curative. 

If you notice that the area under your eyes is flaky and swollen, hydrating under eye cream is your best bet. Look for an eye cream with natural ingredients such as coconut oil, Vitamin C and rosemary.

Also, another point to keep in mind is that some of us are allergic to the chemicals such as retinol, hyaluronic acid, Alpha Hydroxy acid and others. Hence, the best option for you is to go with the cream enriched with natural ingredients. 

Timri’s Under eye cream leans on natural sources such as cucumber, coconut oil, rosemary and orange peel extract to smooth and nourish the under-eye area. A few tiny dots under each of your peepers will give complete hydration and nourishment to your under-eye area.

The natural ingredients in Timri’s under eye cream are prescription for fading dark circles, deflating eye bags and reducing puffiness. Make it a staple in your morning and evening skincare routine to give your skin the desired TLC.


We know that a concealer is a pro at hiding dark circles, but you can’t really rely on them forever. You need to target the reason for dark circles and other signs of aging.. An under eye cream is a must-have for your beauty cabinet to target all your eye woes. So, what are you waiting for? Go and give your delicate under eye area that extra attention it craves for.
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