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TIMRI Anti Hair Fall Combo of Jadibutti Hair Oil & Milk & Honey Shampoo (100ml & 200ml)

TIMRI Anti Hair Fall Combo of Jadibutti Hair Oil & Milk & Honey Shampoo (100ml & 200ml)

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    How often have you heard your Dadi and Nani suggesting using natural jadibutti on your hair? Well, almost every time you complain about hair fall or any hair-related issue, right? To reduce your load, Timri has brought you an all-natural Jadibutti oil that contains the goodness of coconut oil, amla extract, sunflower oil, cold-pressed castor oil, Bhringraj leaves, Methi, and everything good for your hair growth.

    Don’t we all crave a silky, strong mane that we can flaunt to the world? Seeing those models and actors only adds to our envy. Would you trust Timri for that? The Milk and Honey Shampoo is the ideal product that your hair not just wants but also needs. Milk and Honey both have proven to deliver some amazing hair care results. Combined with Wheat Protein, Milk, and Honey, this magical formula is created to offer all the essential nutrients that hair needs to look smooth and silky.

    Apply Timri Jadibutti Hair Oil followed by Timri Milk & Honey Shampoo and rejuvenate your hair with essential ingredients and nutrients.


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